The Essex Resident Survey is Essex County Council’s biggest survey exercise and aims to generate insights on residents’ aspirations, views and values, helping to shape strategy, and to inform key delivery programmes and our engagement with residents. With just over 6,500 residents responding to the 2023 survey, it allows us to better understand the diversity of views and experiences within the county across a range of geographies and cohorts.

The survey was delivered in partnership with Opinion Research Services (ORS) and conducted in line with Market Research Society standards.

Fieldwork took place during March - May 2023. 31,800 households received a invite to participate in the survey, which could be completed online or via a paper questionnaire. A total of 6,576 residents aged 18+ responded to the 2023 survey.

The embedded dashboard enables users to customise data for personalised insight.

We also have high level reports covering the subjects of:

  1. Climate and Food Waste
  2. Community Strength and Wellbeing
  3. Internet Usage and Attitudes Towards Data Sharing
  4. Perceptions of Safety
  5. Physical Activity
  6. Caring Responsibilities

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