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Essex County Council
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The Electoral Division Profiles Dashboard is an interactive tool which presents information on the 70 electoral divisions in Essex and the districts they are part of. This tool provides in one page an overview of each electoral division using a variety of indicators such as: ·      district population by age and gender ·      district employment rates ·       electoral division residents profiles ·      district portraits ·      results of the May 2021 local...

Essex County Council
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We have a legal duty to assess the sufficiency of childcare in our area and share what we've found. Our assessment looks at local demographics, demand and the quality of childcare available across Essex. We hope it will be useful to parents, carers, providers and potential providers. Read the 2023 Childcare Sufficiency Assessment If you have any comments on the sufficiency of childcare please contact [email protected]

Essex County Council
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Greater Essex Trends has been developed to describe and communicate some of the key challenges and drivers of change that are shaping the lives of people across our diverse communities. It describes some of the strengths of Greater Essex and the opportunities we will have to grow, learn, and prosper in the years ahead. By bringing these different threads together, the document...

Essex County Council
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This Armed Forces Needs Assessment (AFNA) report forms part of a wider Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) suite of products that provide an overview of the key issues across Essex. The aims of these reports are, to: •      Provide key demographics of the armed forces community in Essex •      Examine the experiences of the armed forces community in relation to: •      Health and wellbeing •      Education and children's care •      Housing •      Employment •      Transition •      Criminal...

Essex County Council
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A Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) is a comprehensive assessment of the current and future pharmaceutical needs of the local population. Health and Wellbeing Boards have a legal duty to produce and publish a PNA for their area. This set of documents includes the assessment, 8 appendices and 11 supplementary statements from April 2023 and a further 7 from December 2023 with...

Essex County Council
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Healthy life expectancy is the number of years a baby born today is expected to live in 'good health', provided that current mortality and health trends remain fixed over their lifetime. There is interest in understanding how healthy life expectancy varies within Essex. This has not been possible due to the data not being available at small areas below district...

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Essex County Council
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The Essex Resident Survey is Essex County Council’s biggest survey exercise and aims to generate insights on residents’ aspirations, views and values, helping to shape strategy, and to inform key delivery programmes and our engagement with residents. With just over 6,500 residents responding to the 2023 survey, it allows us to better understand the diversity of views and experiences within...

Essex County Council
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The Essex Children and Young People's Strategic Partnership brings together representatives from the different agencies in Essex who work with children, young people and their families. The Partnership discusses what are the most important issues and problems for children, young people and families in Essex and decides what we are going to do about them. When something has gone well...

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Essex County Council
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Reporting the Essex picture for Conceptions and Abortions for those under the age of 18

Essex County Council
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This research presents insights from research conducted with residents in rural Braintree during Oct-Dec 2022. Little is known about hidden poverty and deprivation in rural areas. Therefore, the research seeks to explore the impact, the challenges this presents to residents within rural Braintree and the ideas they have on what would enable them to take opportunities and secure greater financial...