The Essex Youth Vaping report provides the insights from the research project conducted to understand more about children and young people’s (CYP’s) vaping in Essex.

With findings from CYP, parent’s/carer’s of CYP, and secondary schools, this includes Essex information on:

  • Scale of youth vaping, and the culture, experiences, and activities around it
  • Levels of knowledge and awareness around vaping, including health impacts
  • The messages and communications routes that would be best responded to
  • What might work to change youth vaping behaviours

This is to support work to reduce current usage and prevent uptake of vaping amongst CYP in Essex.

You Said, We did

Since this research, multiple areas of work are now underway or planned in response to what people have told us. Summaries of this work are provided in the 'You Said, We Did' reports, one for young people, and one for parents and carers. These include information on how to report underage sales and links to services offering information and advice on youth vaping. 

We will continue to work with young people, parents, carers, schools and wider stakeholders to reduce current usage and prevent uptake of vaping amongst children and young people in Essex.  

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