This data is used on our interactive Map of Public Rights of Way and is for general purposes only.

It is not the statutory Definitive Map which is held at County Hall. District, Borough, Town and Parish councils must also keep copies for their particular areas. 

The Definitive Map and its associated Map Modification Orders must be referred to in the case of any specific legal query or dispute. In law the Definitive Map provides conclusive evidence of the existence of any Public Rights of Way shown on it. This interactive map does not. For enquiries pertaining to land transaction related matters or for any legally related enquiries, professional interpretation of the map is required and must be referred to the Definitive Map Office, Essex Highways, County Hall, Chelmsford.

The zip folder should always include the ECC Public Rights of Way - Important Information about GIS Data.doc

The files are in MapInfo Tab format

Changes may appear on our interactive Map of Public Rights of Way.

This data will be updated quarterly.