Upload Guidance

We want to make data about Essex available to and useable by everyone and to do that we need everyone uploading content to abide by a a few principles.

  • All content needs to be in an accessible format for every user. This for the most part means standard MS Office formats. Unfortunately, most screen reader apps cannot read information out of .pdf documents. So please avoid using .pdf documents unless strictly required.
  • We want everyone to be able to find what they are looking for so please use clear descriptions and appropriate tags on uploaded datasets.
  • We are committed to the responsible use of data and all published information must comply with the relevant legislation.
  • All information on this site has been provided under an open data licence and is therefore free of any commercial restrictions. Uploaders are responsible for making sure that any new data meets these requirements.

If anything on this site does not meet this standards, please let let us know either by the feedback form or via our email [email protected].

For further information around some of the principles we use on this platform, please visit the Open Data Institute’s page on Open Data Principles.

ECC publishes it’s own information under the Open Government Licence v3, however other organisations may use their own licensing. More information on the licensing around Open Data can be found on this page on the Open Data Institute’s site.