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    Universities UK Reports

    Essex County Council
    This page links below to the Universities UK reports and analysis page. This page contains resources that can be used to give an overview of the performance of higher education across the UK and benchmark the performance of individual institutions.
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    Essex Business Planning Pack

    Essex County Council
    Powerpoint pack of Essex level data linked to strategic priorities, created to provide base evidence pack for use in corporate business planning.
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    Equality Impact Assessment Form & Guidance

    Essex County Council
    ​Equality Impact Assessments (EqIAs) are a tool that help improve the delivery of services to our communities by: ensuring that our services are free from discrimination ensuring that we identify and address customer needs improving transparency around the decisions we make.
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    ECC Governance Policies

    Essex County Council
    Code of governance We are committed to the seven principles of Good Governance as agreed by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance Accountancy and the Society of Local Authority Chief Executives. Our local code of governance is underpinned by these principles and is comprised of a framework of policies, procedures, behaviours and values by which the authority is controlled and governed. The documents that make up this framework prov...
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    Sport England Local Insights Tool

    Essex County Council
    This tool is powered by Local Insight and developed by OCSI on behalf of Sport England
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    The Future of Essex - User Manual

    Essex County Council
    Welcome to our vision for the future of Essex. The purpose of this manual is to act as a physical reference point for the people involved. And to help you inspire others in shaping The Future of Essex. 'We Can' within this document sets out our vision and ambitions for Essex. It is the product of nine months of research, investigation and collaborative working. It’s the local truths and ambitions on which success is pinned. 'I can' is a...
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    Essex Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2018-2022

    Essex County Council
    Every local area must have a Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy setting out the priorities identified through the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) that local government, the NHS and other partners will deliver together through the Health and Wellbeing Board. The JHWS is intended to set ‘a small number of key strategic priorities for action’, where there is an opportunity for partners working through the Health and Wellbeing Boar...
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    The Future of Essex - Ideas Book

    Essex County Council
    This book contains more than 100 ideas that are designed to inspire and provoke thought about what is possible in Essex.
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    Organisation Plan 2019/20

    Essex County Council
    Our ambition is to build the Essex of the future, helping you to achieve your potential in the best place to live and work in the country. The budget for the 2019/20 includes capital investment of just under £250m for homes, schools and road, plus our revenue spending plans.
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    Fuel Poverty

    Essex County Council
    BEIS publishes annual statistics on the number and proportion of households that are fuel poor. Included are county and unitary authority, local authority district and Essex County Council LSOA (Lower Super Output Area) data. There is a two-year time lag on official data being released, published annually in June from the following source .