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  • Updated a day ago

    Essex Growth Model

    Essex Growth Model Group
    This tool is used to evaluate potential infrastructure projects and investments against the potential economic benefits that they may have. The model uses HM Treasury Green Book statistics to provide insight into benefits produced in the construction phase and afterwards, both due to the usage of building(s) proposed and benefits to the local economy from any resulting jobs or housing. The data, calculations, patch notes and guidance ar...
  • Updated 8 days ago

    Skills Insight & Economic Growth Tool

    Essex County Council
    This tool is an interactive dashboard that presents information regarding the labour market and business landscape of Essex. This includes: Qualification Levels Business Numbers and Business Sector Overviews Transportation information Earnings Data Housing Market Data Please note that this tool is currently in a public beta phase. This is not a finished tool and some changes are likely. If there is any information you would like added...
  • Updated 5 months ago

    Essex Design Guide

    Essex County Council
    The Essex Design Guide was established in 1973 by Essex County Council. It is used as a references guide to help create high quality places with an identity specific to its Essex context. This is the 2018 edition.