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  • Updated 8 days ago

    Skills Insight & Economic Growth Tool

    Essex County Council
    This tool is an interactive dashboard that presents information regarding the labour market and business landscape of Essex. This includes: Qualification Levels Business Numbers and Business Sector Overviews Transportation information Earnings Data Housing Market Data Please note that this tool is currently in a public beta phase. This is not a finished tool and some changes are likely. If there is any information you would like added...
  • Created a year ago

    Greater Essex Growth and Infrastructure Framework 2016-2036

    Essex County Council
    To better understand the scale of the infrastructure challenges facing Essex, all local authorities in Essex commissioned the creation of a Growth and Infrastructure Framework (GIF) for the county and two unitaries. The framework presents an overview of growth patterns to 2036, evidences the infrastructure required, and estimates likely costs and funding gaps. This report presents an overview of growth patterns and the infrastructure pr...