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Living alone

People aged 65 and over living alone, by age and gender, projected to 2035

Figures are taken from the Labour Force Survey (2017), Office for National Statistics, Table 6: People living alone by age and sex, UK 1996-2017. For those aged 65 and over, the larger proportion of those living alone were female (66.5%). This is partly because there are more women than men in the total population aged 65 and over due to women’s higher life expectancy. By the age of 65, most women have been married and husbands are typically older than their wives. These two factors mean that more women than men become widowed, which may lead to living alone. In spite of this, the number of widowed women is falling due to life expectancy increasing faster for men compared with women.

Numbers have been calculated by applying percentages of men and women living alone to projected population figures.

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