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Shows COVID-19 cases and deaths in Essex and its districts. Based on the Local Covid-19 tool made by Trafford Data Lab.

Please note, recent data is likely to change. This is because of the delay between individuals being tested and results being included in the official statistics.

Public Health England recommend only data published over 5 days ago should be treated as 'complete'.

New cases data is provided by Public Health England and is updated daily.

1. The date of a confirmed case corresponds to the specimen date rather than the reporting date.

2. The number of confirmed cases is likely to be much lower than the total number of cases because not all people who report symptoms of coronavirus are being tested.

3. Confirmed cases include patients, key workers and their families.

The tool has now moved locations and can be accessed via the link below.

Please be aware that clicking the link below will take you to ECC's Shiny Server environment, hosted via AWS. This environment is still in testing.

Please also note that this app will not display in Internet Explorer and should be accessed in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and other currently supported browsers.

If the link is opened in a supported browser and returns an error, please wait and try again. The app is currently seeing a high amount of traffic and we are limiting the number of concurrent users to prevent server crashes.

For more data on Coronavirus in Essex, please browse the Coronavirus Topic on this platform.

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