This slide pack looks at the census 2021 data released on January 19th 2023 and covers:

  • Health status - number and proportion of residents split by health status, residents living in 'bad' or 'very bad' health, and change from 2011
  • Long term health problems or disability - number and proportion of residents whos day-to-day activity is limited due to health issues, number and proportion of households containing one or more disabled people, and change from 2011
  • Unpaid care - number and proportion of residents providing unpaid care split by number of hours, and change from 2011

All analysis is at the Essex, district, and unitary level. The original data is available here: Health, disability, and unpaid care: Census 2021 in England and Wales

Note: Some of the data labels in the charts are rounded, as such the numbers in the charts may not line up exactly with the commentary. Any differences will be small (usually within 0.1%) and will not materially change the commentary

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