The ONS Health Index for England is a new measure of the health of the nation. It uses a broad definition of health, including: health outcomes, health-related behaviours and personal circumstances, wider drivers of health that relate to the places where people live.

The Health Index provides a single value for health that can show how health changes over time. It can also be broken down to focus on specific topics to show the factors that influence these changes. It measures health at local authority, regional and national levels. It also enables comparison between geographic areas, health topics and combinations of the two over time. 

The overall Health Index score can be broken down into three areas of health, known as domains, which are: Healthy People, Healthy Lives and Healthy Places. Each domain contains several subdomains, these in turn contain a number of indicators.

This dashboard shows the scores for the Index, domains, sub domains, indicator values and also shows any underlying indicators for Essex and Greater Essex Geographies.

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