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People aged 65 and over predicted to have dementia, by age and gender, projected to 2035.

Figures are taken from Dementia UK: Update (2014) prepared by King’s College London and the London School of Economics for the Alzheimer’s Society.  This report updates the Dementia UK (2007) report. It provides a synthesis of best available evidence for the current cost and prevalence of dementia. It aims to provide an accurate understanding of dementia prevalence and cost in the UK to assist in policy development, influencing, commissioning and service design.

The prevalence rates have been applied to ONS population projections of the 65 and over population to give estimated numbers of people predicted to have dementia to 2035.

To calculate the prevalence rates for the 90+ population, rates from the research for the 90-94 and 95+ age groups have been applied to the England population 2013 (when the research was undertaken) to calculate the numbers in each age group, the sum of these groups is then expressed as a percentage of the total 90+ population to establish the predicted prevalence of the 90+ population as a whole.

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